Discrimination, First Responder Public Safety Employment Law, Employee Investigations, Grievances, Arbitration, Unfair Labor Practices, Whistleblower, Disability Retirement.


State licensure.

Personal Injury

Personal injury is the area of law focusing on accidents such as workers’ compensation, nursing home abuse, product liability, medical malpractice, car accidents and more.

Civil Litigation

Tort claims, Breach of contract claims, Property Disputes, Class Action, Equitable claims, Landlord/tenant issues, Complaints Against the City.

Citizens Uses of Force/Self Defense

Self Defense, Defense of Others, Defense of Property, Ejection of Trespasser, Defense of Habitation, Use of Force in Arrest and Apprehension of Criminal Suspects.

Labor Law

Collective Bargaining, Negotiations, Grievances, Arbitration.

Workers Compensation

If you are injured at work, you are eligible for compensation benefits which can help pay for Medical benefits, Wage replacement, Disability.

Risk Management/Consulting

Risk Avoidance, Customer Credit Risk Management, Industry-Specific Strategy, Elimination of Contract Risk, Compliance Risks, Safety Risks, Information Security Risk, and more.

Consumer Protection/Merchandising Practices

Consumers who have been misled when making a purchase, whether the misleading act was a false advertisement, misleading salesperson, or other statement or omission.

Law Enforcement Representation

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